Utilize your Property for a Second Income

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If you are someone who works from home, or someone considering working from home, you should always be on the lookout for different ways and means to utilise your property to make some extra cash. Most of us just use our homes as a family base, but we rarely consider putting it to use commercially.  There are lots of clever ways to make use of your property or the space around it to generate a second, or third income.

Here are a few ideas to get your imagination going. I’m sure you’ll agree that there are hundreds of money making ventures out there, we just need to think outside the box!

  1.  Doggie Day Care – If you have a way with dogs, and you like having them around, why not get paid for it. You don’t need to be a veterinary nurse to take care of your neighbour’s labrador. A caring and playful nature is all  that’s required.- and maybe a bit of common sense.

There are a few amendment that you might consider making around your home prior to starting a dog care centre. Probably the most important thing is to make the property’s perimeter 100% secure. Unless you want to keep the dogs inside all the time, which is an option. It is best to make sure they can use your garden or backyard freely. If you don’t have a secure perimeter fence it might be worth investing in one.

  1. Storage Depot – The rise in popularity in door-to-door deliveries has lead to a demand for area specific storage depots. If you have a secure building, like a garage or lock-up, there is a potential to offer the space as a secure delivery or returns site. This might mean regular van deliveries to your home, and for the building to be suitable it does need a good level of security. However, many people have unused space in a garage or outbuilding and this is a fantastic way to make a regular income.
  1. Garage Sale – Maybe you have a lot of brick-a-brack and you want to sell it. Why not have a second-hand goods sale in your garage or backyard? There is nothing to stop you doing this on a regular basis. If it is a success once it could be a weekly or monthly event. Also, there is an option to provide snack and drinks to visitors for a small fee.
  1. Guesthouse – If the room is available why not put in a wooden kit house and offer it as a guesthouse? There would be an initial outlay for the project, and local regulations would have to be met, but once up and running a guesthouse is a fantastic investment.

After planning permission is granted a rural earthmoving company can be hired to excavate the land ready for a construction firm. The whole thing can be completed within 6 months and it can generate a fantastic income for years to come.