Jobs Best Left to a Professional

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Most guys, and quite a few girls, are handy around the home. There is always something needing patched up or repaired, and if we called in a tradesman to deal with every little problem we’d soon be out of pocket. Most of us have the savvy to do the basics: a bit of painting, replace new fixtures and fittings, maybe replace an electric socket or hang a door. However, we all should beware of thinking we can take on any job around the home. Some things are trickier than they look, and some are just obviously dangerous.

Here are a few to avoid of possible:

Roof Repairs – Simple, just crawl onto the roof and replace a loose tile or two. It only takes a minute. The materials are cheap to buy. There’s a ladder in the garage. You think so?

Don’t risk it unless you are used to working at height. This is one of the most common mistakes made by homeowners. It appears to be a task most fit and healthy individuals are capable of carrying out, but beware, working at height can be very bad for your health. Most roofing professionals are super careful when on the job. There are fail-safe procedures to follow and there’s an array of equipment used in the industry which the average homeowner either doesn’t have or doesn’t know how to use properly.

Electric Systems – OK, fitting a new plug or socket is reasonably straightforward, but fitting a new circuit breaker, or running a new feed from the main loop are tasks beyond the scope of most homeowners.  The potential dangers to family and property are very real and very serious when dealing with electricity, and most homeowners only have a basic knowledge of this tremendously powerful utility. Don’t take unnecessary risk with it. A professional electrician must be called if complex repairs are required.

Plumbing – Some plumbing jobs are certainly within the scope of the homeowner. If a drain or toilet gets blocked most of the time it can be resolved with simple equipment or techniques. Even tasks like replacing a sink or toilet are not so difficult as to dissuade a practically minded individual. However, some aspects of plumbing are not so straightforward. Certainly when a gas heating system is involved it is strongly advised not to tamper with any fixtures. Certified gas engineers are the only people qualified to deal with gas boiler repairs and if a homeowners causes an accident due to tampering with a gas system there can be serious consequences most likely in the form of fines or even imprisonment.

Also, within many plumbing systems the use of electric/mechanical pumps can sometimes temp homeowners into making their own repairs. This, if done incorrectly, can lead to a costly and messy system failure. It is always a good idea to have a pump installed by a professional. Also, make sure all parts are purchased from a reputable supplier. There is a great selection of Strong Man Pumps available online and they can be delivered throughout the country.