What trades are most needed in Australia? Which companies can give sponsorship in Australia?

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If you have been toying with the idea of uprooting your life and moving to Australia, you’re likely wondering what sort of trades and jobs are currently in high demand in Australia – and what will be required in order to secure yourself a legitimate sponsorship.
Currently, Australia’s booming infrastructure and construction sectors have created a huge demand for skilled tradespeople. For foreigners interested in a work visa, trades can offer exciting migration opportunities.
Let’s explore the most in-demand trades and share some tips on how you can secure employer sponsorship in the great down under.

What trades are most needed in Australia?

Let’s kick this off by looking at some of the trades that are most needed in Australia. Hopefully, you’ll see something that is related to your area of expertise or interest.

  • Electricians: Australia is always in need of skilled electrical installation and maintenance in construction and industry.
  • Carpenters: Skilled carpenters are in high demand for specialist tasks like framing, roofing, installing cabinetry and fixtures in the construction sector.
  • Metal fabricators: Shaping and joining metal parts used in infrastructure, mining, and manufacturing.
  • Refrigeration mechanics: Installing, repairing and maintaining air conditioning and commercial refrigeration systems. Australia HOT and there will always be a high demand for qualified refrigeration mechanics who can keep the nation’s HVACs functional.
  • Bricklayers: Laying bricks, blocks, and pavers for large and small building projects have always been in high demand.
  • Plumbers: Expert gas fitting, drainage, roofing, and pipe system work in homes and businesses. Plumbers can always make an excellent living in Australia.
  • Vehicle mechanics: Servicing and repairing cars, trucks, and machinery. These trades are always in demand in Australia.
    Concrete layers: Placing and finishing concrete on infrastructure and construction sites.
  • Paramedics: Providing emergency call-out care and community support for those in need (there’s currently a very high demand for paramedics – especially in rural communities).

These are just a handful of the most in-demand trades in Australia at the moment. While there are some that always remain the same (such as electricians and carpenters), these lists are constantly evolving so it is worth keeping a regular eye out until you find something that best applies to your skills and interests.

Which trades can foreigners work in Australia?

While nearly all trades are open to migrants in Australia, you’ll need to work in a specific niche if you are to secure a sponsorship and pursue residency. For example, young foreigners can come to Australia and work in a bar or restaurant, however, unless you are in a skilled / management position, it may be difficult to remain long-term with so much competition. In any case, here are some trades that foreigners can work in Australia:

  • Carpentry
  • Bricklaying
  • Plastering
  • Flooring and tiling
  • Glazing
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical, refrigeration and AC
  • Automotive mechanics
  • Metal fabrication
  • Heavy machine operation
  • Construction supervisors and project managers
  • Nursing
  • Education
  • Software and application development
  • Engineering
  • Cybersecurity
  • Social work
  • Finance
  • Architecture

Which companies can give sponsorship in Australia?

If you are looking to secure sponsorship for a visa and work permit in Australia, you’ll be pleased to know that there is plenty of opportunity for you.
There are large construction firms like Lendlease, Multiplex, Hutchinson Builders, Laing O’Rourke and ADCO Constructions who frequently sponsor foreign skilled tradespeople. Generally speaking, the big global players are worth pursuing – especially if you already work for a company in your own country that has opportunities in Australia for you to apply for.
Major industry players in mining, gas, manufacturing and defence also offer international worker visas for the right candidates.
With some due diligence, you can find a number of government websites that list accredited sponsor companies across all industries nationally.

As a foreigner, how long does it take to get sponsorship to move to Australia?

Once you’ve identified your specialist trade and have a rough idea of which companies you’d like to apply for, how long can you expect the whole process to take?

  • It can take between 4 – 12 months from start to finish if all documentation is in order.
  • Employer sponsorship can typically be approved in 1 – 4 months.
  • Visa processing by immigration takes at least 3 – 6 months.

All in all, the total timeframe depends on your occupation, visa type, and your individual application. If your job is in high demand and you are a very attractive candidate, you’ll likely move through the process much faster.
The key is to have patience; the process does take many months from finding an employer to arriving in Australia however, if you stick with it and ensure that all of your documentation is in order, you shouldn’t run into too many delays.
Understand that Australia is a high-demand country and many foreigners from all over the world are trying to secure a new life for themselves and their families so the process can be sluggish at times.

How does one apply for sponsorship to move to Australia for work?

Now, how does one get started with the application process?

  1. Research occupations on Australia’s skills shortage lists.
  2. Evaluate your visa options, such as the Temporary Skill Shortage 482 or Employer Nomination Scheme 186 visas.
  3. Find an Australian employer who is willing to sponsor you.
  4. Submit a visa application with their support to the Department of Home Affairs.
  5. Provide the appropriate evidence such as your qualifications, work history, and skills assessments.
  6. Ensure that you meet the necessary health, character, and language requirements (criminal background checks are mandatory).
  7. Get approval as a sponsored worker and voila!

With in-demand expertise, you can carve out an excellent career and life abroad for yourself in Australia as a trade worker. Just be prepared for a long and cumbersome application process.
Again, so long as you are qualified, meet all of the necessary requirements, and have all of your paperwork in order, you shouldn’t run into too many issues along the way.
If you think that you might not have enough experience in your trade to be an attractive candidate, it’s worth finding a relevant training course provider to bolster your application.

Can foreigners enjoy a good quality of life in Australia?

Absolutely! Australia offers:

  • High wages and comfortable lifestyles.
  • World-class cities with quality amenities, beautiful culture, and leading healthcare.
  • Security, stability, and low crime rates.
  • An excellent work-life balance with paid leave.
  • Outstanding natural landscapes and weather to boot!

Australia is routinely ranked as being one of the best countries for quality of life and living standards. Skilled migrants find it a rewarding destination so it is almost certainly well worth pursuing if you are craving a change.


And there we have it! There is a great deal of in-demand trades in Australia at the moment which means you should be able to find something that matches your skillset and interests.
We hope that you have found this article handy and wish you all the very best of luck with your future application for a new life down under.