A life on the Road

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Ever thought about becoming a truck driver? Not a bad life actually. If you are someone who likes their own company, and doesn’t mind spending a bit of time away from home then this might be the job for you.

Ideally you should enjoy driving, but that may come in time. However, one of the big obstacles to overcome as a truck driver is the pressures and anxieties which may affect any driver in built-up, busy areas. This problem becomes especially acute for large vehicle drivers – space can be premium, and other road users can become frustrated when large good vehicles take up too much room on a road. However, in time, truck drivers become aware of the constraints of their vehicle and tend to drive in a more polite, professional, and conscientious manner. If you feel you have the skills and temperament to become involved in the industry there is a rewarding, and at times challenging, career to be had. Many people are unaware of the various branches of truck driver out there, and a driver who can master several different jobs can become a highly prized employee. And one who can command a very comfortable income.

Here are just a few of the different jobs a truck driver might do:

Long Distance Driver – This is one of the best paid driving jobs available. Distance drivers are usually trusted to ensure the safety of a cargo to its destination no matter how far that may be. Also, the cargo may have different requirements to which the driver must be well aware. Refrigerated good need treated very differently than livestock. Steel tubing needs secured in an entirely different way than concrete blocks. There is a lot to learn above and beyond the skill required to drive the vehicle, but those who can master it all will be paid well.

Crane Truck Driver – There is an ever increasing need for truck drivers with lifting experience in Australia today. Many goods are in difficult to reach areas or need delivered to places where there is no mechanical means to unload. Any driver with lifting knowledge and experience with lifting equipment such as chains and straps will always be in demand. Goods which weigh over a tonne and which can’t be broken down will likely require a lifting device of some sort. A crane truck will compete an entire task in one go if the operator has ability.

Most crane drivers work in one particular area or city, mostly on constructions sites. This can lead to a lot of inner city driving and requires a driver to have above average driving skills.

Skip Bin Driver – A specialist driving job which requires training on the specifics of skip handling. A skip bin hire driver will have its own lifting device which a driver must become familiar with. The skip must be thoughtful dealt with and there are thorough procedures which must be followed to ensure safe transportation. Also, a driver must be experienced in navigating through restricted spaces as skips can be sited in difficult to access areas.