Make Your Events Something to Remember

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You work in event organizing and you have been assigned to plan the layout of the event area. The area is an open field and the event, this time, is a home-made food and handicrafts fair. Your booths have sold out and the sellers are expecting a big attendance since the event has been well-announced. If this event is successful, it will be repeated next year. That would be a good mark regarding your job performance!

The place has to look inviting and easy to maneuver around. You would, therefore, need some display flags, positioned high up over the booths, to point visitors to those that they would like to visit. “Paper crafts”, “Needle crafts”, “Quilts”, “Wood crafts”, “Handmade soaps and candles”, “Food”, etc would be written on the flags. Or should an illustration of the goods accompany the text as well? Both the sellers and visitors would be thankful for finding preferred booths fast and not waste time running around in circles.

The booths would have to be amply covered, protecting not only the sellers and their goods, but also shading the buyers from the sun. That means extra awning. Tents and gazebos are popular choices with regards to this particular concern. Additionally, these gazebos could double as shelters in case it rains.

You would like people to talk about how fruitful, enjoyable and comfortable the fair was and to spread the word for next year’s repeat event. In order to accomplish the first part, you have selected the best handicrafts and home-made food makers. But you also have to ensure that the fair’s attendees would feel comfortable while enjoying what the fair has to offer. They should be able to rest under the tents when they need a respite from walking and browsing the various booths. It would be a plus if you could also provide a first-aid tent.

The quality of the fabric used for the tents is also crucial should there be strong gusts of wind. You don’t want flags or tents collapsing and hurting people. Another extra step you can take to make sure people will remember your booth is to get custom gazebos. Instead of having just a plain old boring tent for your booth, make it more exciting by having one with your company’s name on it. You will be easier to spot amidst the sea of the event tents and most importantly, this is really good for branding.

Since this fair is a money-making affair, you should look for an event display provider with an affordable pricing range, excellent record of service, good product quality and a good understanding of what you want for your fair’s attendees. You should be closely communicating with them your various requirements so that the products they provide really fit what you need.

This event could be the feather in your cap. Make it an event to remember for you, the fair’s sellers and visitors, aside from being a worthwhile learning experience in event organizing and product sourcing.