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Health Risks of Public Pools 

Swimming is a good exercise and being in a pool is a cooling and refreshing experience. The water is inviting but, in spite of being disinfected, the water could still be harboring pathogens and other substances harmful to people’s health when people come in contact with them through their skin, by swallowing water or inhaling water vapor.

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Make Your Events Something to Remember

You work in event organizing and you have been assigned to plan the layout of the event area. The area is an open field and the event, this time, is a home-made food and handicrafts fair. Your booths have sold out and the sellers are expecting a big attendance since the event has been well-announced. If this event is successful, it will be repeated next year. That would be a good mark regarding your job performance!
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Vinyl Wrapping – An Alternative to Paint 

There’s an alternative to painting a boat and it’s called vinyl wrapping. A self-adhesive film of vinyl is applied over the body or hull of a boat to protect it and its underlying substrate from the elements. A quality bo at vinyl wra also gives some sort of cosmetic “makeover” to the boat to restore or to give it a new look. This kind of film is available in many colors, designs and finishes, so a boat can be easily customized according to an owner’s taste. It could even make a boat a vehicle for advertising. Continue reading Vinyl Wrapping – An Alternative to Paint 

Does Your House Have Pests?

How do you know if your house is pest-infested or if the sounds you hear at night right above your bed is not actually a ghost?

It might be funny to think there is a ghost in your house, but having a pest infested home is no joke. They don’t just ruin your furniture, lawn and walls, but they can be hazardous to your health as they carry dangerous diseases. Rat urine can give you leptospirosis and cockroaches carry salmonella Typhi which causes Typhoid. Continue reading Does Your House Have Pests?

How To Market Your Products Correctly

Marketing has been around for as long as there have been products to sell. From standing before a stall in the local markets chanting about how delicious your vegetables are, to handing out samples in the streets. Merchants and traders have forever been striving to find new and creative ways to get one up on their competitors and bring as much custom through their doors as possible. Continue reading How To Market Your Products Correctly