Why You Should Get Help When Planning A Big Event

If you’re planning on hosting a big event, be it a wedding, a seminar, a rock concert, a charity event or even just a flat out crazy big party,then you’ll realise the amount of thought and consideration that must go into the preparation. No doubt you’ll begin to feel the pressure of making sure that everything goes smoothly and that the event is a huge success. Well we’re going to make your life easier by giving you some tips that you might overlook when organising your special occasion.

You can’t do it alone!

First off – and we cannot stress this enough – find event staff for hire! This is so important when holding a large-scale event as you don’t want to end up juggling a pile of responsibilities in the midst of your party when you just want to enjoy it. We can help you find the solution. Let’s break down the list of personnel that might be required.

Setting up ahead of time

Pre-planning is the hardest part. Here are some things you should consider.

Location – of course you’ll want the perfect location, but is it appropriate for the event you want to hold? Will you need a music license or booze license, etc?


Preparation of the stage – If you’d like a platform to be erected then we’d advise you to find a professionally trained crew to build it and a ticketed rigger to guarantee yours and your guests’ safety – which should be the number one priority for any event.

Let the fun begin

The worst thing that can happen is that you end up having to chase after everyone. There are many companies that will provide 24 hour staff support with the following:

Catering – do you require bar staff, waiters, or food services? Make sure you find friendly, well-presented staff who’ll go above and beyond your expectations.

Operators – some occasions will have cameras and lighting or sound devices set up so you’ll have to decide if you want a professional audiovisual technician to operate and maintain them throughout.

Let someone else take care of business for you – sounds like there are a lot of people to liaise with right?! Well a crew chief will take the stress off your hands, overseeing that the crew are fulfilling their duties.

And don’t forget the horror that will be the aftermath!

Let’s face it, no event will conclude without an absolute mess, no matter how civilised! Let’s look at who you’ll need to help you.

General crew – naturally, if you’ve had someone help you set up technical equipment and staging, you’ll need someone to take it down.

Cleaning staff – we don’t need to tell you that there’ll probably be broken glass, spilt drinks or food everywhere and choosing a reputable company will ensure you don’t get fined by the venue.

Give yourself the peace of mind

Above all else, you should afford yourself a little peace of mind. By hiring an event staffing company to assist you, you’ll actually be able to get some peace in the build up to the event. It’s a scary and stressful experience, but one that is entirely worth it in the end when you manage to pull the event off without a hitch. But again, if you really want to succeed, you should delegate responsibility where appropriate and accept help.

Need some help?

If this all seems a little overwhelming, and you don’t know where to look to find event staff for hire, head across to First Class Crew, where they provide all of this and more in one place! With these pointers, we hope you can host a fantastic event that is an unforgettable experience for your guests.