If You’re a Big Traveller You Must Buy a Pelican Elite Case Online  

In this post, we’re going to focus on some of the most incredible luggage that money can buy. Perfect for those of you who travel often and carry some particularly expensive equipment with you. You might be a travelling salesman, with an expensive laptop, or perhaps you ship rather delicate gear that you want to protect. Well, in any case, a Pelican case is definitely the way to go.

aluminium case

So, what is it that separates these suit cases from the rest?

When you buy a Pelican Elite case online, you’re investing in the finest quality equipment. These cases have been tried and tested and  put through an unimaginable amount of trauma in order to gauge the integrity of their defences. As such, you can imagine just how durable these little beauties are.

1 – They can withstand a serious amount of damage

It’s no secret that baggage handlers in an airport are somewhat, careless with the way that they transport people’s bags from one location to the next. This is largely due to the amount of pressure that they are put under in order to meet the tight schedules that multiple flights put on them. As such, it is important to protect your equipment with some of the finest luggage that money can buy.

2 – They can withstand extreme temperatures

The luggage hold in an airplane can get incredible cold, and sometimes, damp. This is why it is worth buying a Pelican Elite case online, as they are designed to withstand extreme temperatures. So again, if you do have some particularly sensitive equipment that you are transporting, then you must ensure that you are adequately protected.

3 – They offer you extra peace of mind

With these two points above in mind, it’s impossible to get onto your flight and worry about whether or not your case is being handled with care because the truth is: it doesn’t really matter. Not that you’d want them to, however if the baggage handlers chose to, they could run your Pelican Elite case over, set it on fire and play football with it, and yet your luggage would still be in-tact. Certainly, the damage on the case would show, however what’s inside will be in pristine condition due to the superior durability of these incredible cases.

4 – They don’t cost all that much

Yes, a Pelican Elite case is more expensive than your average suitcase, however, when you consider the quality and durability of the product, it’s worth every penny. What would you rather, pay next to nothing on a bag which offers little to no protection at all, or go that extra mile and have the finest protection your equipment can have? We know what we would do!


If you want to travel in style, and with complete confidence that your gear will survive the journey, then you should seek out a reputable dealer such as Aerolyte. That way you can buy your Pelican Elite case online and have it with you ready in time for your next journey.