You Can’t Throw a Party Unless You Hire Some Event Entertainment  

There’s no point in hosting an event, unless you’re going to hire the best entertainment to make it memorable.

Just as the location and venue is important, and they catering; entertainment is key. In this post, we’re going to take you through some of the benefits of hiring decent event entertainment. This should give you some inspiration, so that when planning your next event, it will go off without a hitch!


1 – You wouldn’t want your guests to get bored

The whole point in hosting an event is to make an impact with your guests and to quite simply put entertain them.

What better a way of doing so than to hire some event entertainment? There are many things that you can do. You can hire a DJ, a live band or some dancers. You could even go as far as to hire cocktail mixologists that can wow your guests, whilst preparing them drinks.

If you were to just throw a party with some good food and a decent Spotify playlist, it’s not going to be memorable. It’s just going to be like another trip to the pub, only with exclusivity. You have to do more!

2 – Make your event Instaworthy

In order to really go down in the history books as throwing an awesome event, you need to invest in entertainment that is considered “Instaworthy.”

That’s right, if your guests don’t feel the need to take photo’s and create hashtags for their social media accounts, then the odds are that you’re not throwing a particularly exciting party.

You need to source the best talent, who can wow your guests and to break up the evening into a memorable section.

So, this could be a live band after dinner, so that people can dance off their food! Or, it might be a comedian to keep your guests entertained during their feast. There are many ways that you can approach this! The only limitation is your imagination.

3 – It will be a waste of your time and money otherwise

An event without entertainment is…well, uneventful. In order to get the most out of your money, you need to create a bit of buzz about the event. So, if you want to attract enough people and to have them spending their money on food and drink, you’ll need something to keep them there and to raise the spirits. There’s no finer way of doing this than by investing in some high-quality entertainment.

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If you hire a reputable and reliable company such as Funktionality to assist you with the event planning, then you will have access to a large variety of entertainment options. So, no matter what theme or style of event that you plan to put on, you’ll be able to find the perfect act to keep your guests wowed and entertained!