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Considerations to Make When Selling a Classic Ferrari 

The passion associated with owning classic cars is a well documented, but whereas there are many people who only seek to own specific classic cars and restore them, there are others who will have other desires.  Amongst all of these classic car, there are few more sought after than Ferraris.  From a business perspective, there is money to be made in buying classic Ferraris, as well as cars in general, that are worn down and then restoring them and selling them on.  This is prominent in almost every industry that deals in second hand products, but if you are just getting into this practise, or you simply wish to sell on your classic car, there are a few points you should consider.

car engineShow your car at its best

This may sound like a fairly simple point, but making sure your Ferrari is thoroughly cleaned and polished (as if it wouldn’t be!)  before posting pictures will go a long way.  But this goes deeper than that as if you want to command the best price for your classic car, then you are going to need to make sure it is as close to perfect as it can possibly be.  As such, making sure your car is purring will allow you to ask a better price than one which barely ticks over, so it is recommended that you get your Ferrari serviced before listing it for sale, even if it is just a basic service.

Know your market

Doing some research before trying to sell your Ferrari will allow you to more properly gauge the cars value.  It will be difficult to assign an absolutely accurate value to your car as there are a myriad of factors to be considered, but you should be able to see roughly where to place your price point.  It is also always worth setting an initial price at the upper end of the market as people will inevitably make offers lower than you have asked and you should expect them to do so.

Sort your papers

Hopefully your classic Ferrari has a full service record and detailed history with it which you can pass on to its new owner.  Even if your paper records are incomplete, you should still ensure that everything you have is carefully organised and filed so that it is ready for potential buyers to read through when they come to view your car.

ferrari carTake car with your advert

Quite often the product will speak for itself, but because you are selling a valuable and important item, make sure that you take good pictures of the car in clear and well lit areas.  This will show off the car at its best, and it is hard to offer up too many photos as a lot of buyers will be interested in the fine detail which will demonstrate the cars condition.  Be careful not to say too much in an advert, simply make your points and get across the condition and how well loved your car has been.  This will get like-minded buyers attention and hopefully help to sell your car quickly, and for a great price.